“Moonshot” to “Earthshot”

60 years ago, John. F. Kennedy, the president of the United States declared “Moonshot” to take mankind to the moon in his speech for the Project Apollo. The challenge to “Moonshot” later led to the invention of the Apple II personal computer, the World Wide Web and the Internet.

Further, the “Whole Earth Catalog” became the bible of “Moonshots” movement in Silicon Valley. The message, “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” from the last issue of “Whole Earth Catalog,” which was published before the birth of the Internet, led to the founding of Apple by Steve Jobs. It was also carried on to the next generation in his legendary commencement speech at Stanford University.

Digital Garage declares “Earthshot” with Stewart Brand, a founder of the “Whole Earth Catalog.” In the era of ESG, humanity’s pendulum is now switching from centrifugal force toward the moon to centripetal force toward the irreplaceable earth to cause a “great reset.” The earth as seen from space has no borders, and we are all part of an ecosystem.

New Context Designer DG

Digital Garage will continue to design “new contexts” for a sustainable society with technology.

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” to be engraved in the mind.

Whole Earth Catalog

steward brand
Stewart Brand

Founder/Editor of the Whole Earth Catalog / President of The Long Now Foundation

The Whole Earth Catalog is a legendary publication that impacted the hippie culture and the hacker culture that followed. On the theme of “Access to Tools,” it was published in 1968 to showcase useful products and information as wisdom for living on the earth. It played the role of a search engine, a social networking service, or an online community in the world before the advent of the Internet. The theme of the Whole Earth Catalog has been passed on to the ideology of Silicon Valley, leading to today’s Internet (IT) revolution. It is well known that Steve Jobs referred to a phrase from the back cover of the last issue of Whole Earth Catalog, “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” in his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. This year, Stewart Brand’s documentary was screened at SXSW and is attracting renewed attention from around the world.

Earthshot Project

Earthshot project is working to introduce startups around the world that are working on ESG from a global perspective. As part of this project, Digital Garage will produce videos introducing startups and archive it as a database of startups.

Earthshot Concept Movie

Earthshot TV

Earthshot TV Program Technology Archive

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The crisis happening now on web3! What is the future that Ito talks about?

Music, fashion, brands… What will happen to entertainment in the web3 era?

Programming, STEAM Education… Digital Unleashed! What kind of education fosters skills and creativity?

NFT, Fun Tokens, Communities, and the “Fan” Economy in the Web3 Era

Unlocking Local Power on web3, Japan’s New Economic Region

Japan is a digital “backward” country! What is the key to success of the Japanese version of DX?

What is Corporate Value in the web3 Era? ESG is the Key to Sustainable Growth

Startups must implement ESG! What is corporate management in the ESG era?

Art in the web3 era! What is Distributed Owned NFT Art?

Update Education! The Present and Future of Education to Create “Knowledge” by Ourselves

Brain Diversity Leads to Innovation! What is neurodiversity?

Can the Human Brain be Reproduced by AI? Ito and Mogi talk about AI theory

The value of mobility is changing! The “MaaS” Revolution in Mobility

Automotive x Tech “CASE” will change the automotive industry

Read from the Evolution of the Earth and Mankind! What is the technological revolution and the future of mankind?

What Does Innovation Require? Vertically Integrated Manufacturing and Organization Building

A Robotics Guru Talks about Overturning Conventional Concepts! Next Generation Technology

What we need is failure rather than regulation? What Strategy Should Japan Take in the Era of Web3?

#7 The most popular keyword of the web3 era, next-generation economy and work style organization「DAO」

#6 Avatar Culture in the Edo Period? What is the future that the Metaverse will create?

#5 The Rapidly Growing Metaverse, What’s Happening There Now

#4 Gender, education, career, and unconscious bias in Japanese society

#3 What is Femtec, the hot topic of the moment?

#2 What are the advantages and disadvantages of web3? Japan’s Potential for the Future

#1 What has the advent of the Internet changed?

Earthshot TV Program Startups Archive

*Youtube auto generated English subtitles available

#25 Distribute audio content worldwide

#24 Provide services to streamline housing loans operations

#23 Aiming for a sustainable aging society with low fertility

#22 Creating the Future of Food

#21 Expand your encounters and experiences

#20 Creating a new sharing service to arrange caregivers

#19 Create a new public transportation networks

#18 Support for improving the operational efficiency of tutoring schools

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Earthshot TV Startup Showcase

*Youtube auto generated English subtitles available

Andrew Myers / Satoshi Energy

Tatsuya.Ishibe / PitPa, Inc.

Kubota Mitsuhiro / The iYell Co,. Ltd

Yusuke Kano / Welmo Inc.

Sunghee Tark / Bean Voyage

Ryusuke Osada / ODD FUTURE&Co.,Ltd.

Madison Campbell / Leda Health

Taku Harada / Peatix Inc.

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